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Access Over 40 Free Resources in Our Library

January 31, 2014

Is your school looking for informational materials to provide to your borrowers? Look no further, we’ve got you covered! Our library has over 40 PDFs that can be easily downloaded, printed, and distributed to students. These provide borrowers and schools with beneficial information – from default prevention to loan repayment – and we are always creating more!

Our library contains a wide variety of tools, including:

Borrower Resources: Share these resources with students to help them avoid default, learn about managing their finances, repay their loans, create a stellar resume, and more.

School Resources: Made especially for financial aid administrators, these guides will assist in developing a default prevention plan, understanding Nelnet’s products and services, and navigating financial aid procedures and regulations.

Recorded Webinars: Watch (or re-watch) recorded Money Monday and Webinar Wednesday trainings.

Videos: These tools provide a fun way for both you and your students to learn more about financial aid, Nelnet, and Nsight.

Forms: We’ve provided some commonly-used financial aid forms for easy access.

In addition, we have several resources for Spanish-speaking students, such as our Student Loan Type Comparison Guide.

The forms and guides in the Nelnet Loan Servicing Library are free and simple to save and print. You can even download multiple documents at once by checking the boxes that are on the left and then pressing the green “Download Selections” button.


If you have questions or suggestions for additional resources, feel free to fill out our feedback form or talk to your regional director.

Megan Freese, Communications Intern

Megan Freese, Communications Intern

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