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And the Survey Says…

March 26, 2014



Our FSA survey scores from schools were recently released. Our team carefully examines all of our scores and all of the comments we hear to make sure we are hitting the mark for our school clients. Each quarter, I like to share some of the comments we receive and how we are addressing those items. We always value your feedback. Remember, you can  give us feedback and suggestions at any time. You can contact your dedicated Regional Director or send us a comment from our school dedicated website: Just click Contact Us at the top right of the page.

We were happy that we received our highest score ever in the past survey round. We heard quite a few positive comments which, of course, are my favorites to read. However, we had a few suggestions that I want to share. The first one, involves training:

Maybe provide more training. Provide more training on default management.

We are doing just that. We have increased our training opportunities in many ways. First, we have added an additional day of training on Tuesdays. This new series is called “Build Successful Students.” The series offers a more in-depth plunge into topics that need more than just one session to cover. For example, currently we are doing six weeks of training on the topic of Default Management. You can join any one of these webinars or attend all of them; it’s your choice. We also offer trainings each Wednesday on a myriad of topics related to financial aid. On Mondays, we also offer Financial Literacy webinars for your students to learn more about budgeting, student loans, identity protection, etc. If you can’t make it to the live webinar, you are invited to view the recorded sessions in our library and learn at a time that works best for you. Finally, we have a catalog of training sessions we can provide at one of your upcoming conferences.

The next comment mentioned the ease of gaining information from our website:

Probably give more direct information to me of how to access general information on the website.

Although I am not sure which of our websites this references, in particular, we are going to get more specifics around this area. For example, we are currently surveying schools on this subject to get more details on our website for borrowers (, for schools (, and for our Nsight Plus tool. Additionally, we are making changes to these to make sure that the information you need is just a simple click away. It should always be easy for you to find exactly what you need. We will be hosting a series of trainings that outline both the materials  you can download for your own professional growth and for your students, and the new streamlined reporting on Nsight Plus.

As always, please contact us if you have specific information that you would like us to consider. Truly, our goal is to best help you so you can best help your students.


Jim Harris, Managing Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

Jim Harris, Managing Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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