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Latest from FSA: TPD Processing Reminders

March 27, 2014

FSA recently published an article providing financial aid professionals important reminders about Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) under the new regulations:

  • At this time, the Nelnet Total and Permanent Disability Servicer is no longer accepting previous versions of the TPD discharge application. Those seeking TPD discharge should visit for the correct application.
  • If a borrower is approved for a TPD discharge, the loan holder is responsible for sending any refunds due to the borrower as of the disability date. This must be completed before submitting the assignment to the Department of Education.
  • Both loan holder information and contact information must be kept currenton the NSLDS Professional Website.
  • NSLDS status codes should not be updated until after your organization receives the LHN file indicating that the borrower’s application is approved.
  • If your organization does not currently receive a LHN file, please take appropriate steps to begin receiving it.
  • Loan holders will need to add a new service to their Student Aid Internet Gateway (SAIG) mailbox to accommodate their reception of LHN files via SAIG instead of email.

For more information, read the original Electronic Announcement:



Pam King, Midwest Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

Pam King, Midwest Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions




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