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Nelnet Volunteers Assist Students Through Junior Achievement

March 27, 2014

Who Can You Influence in Just One Day?
Nelnet Volunteers Assist Students Through Three JA Events

The Aurora and Lincoln Nelnet offices made a huge impact with Junior Achievement (JA) in 2013. From helping with JA in a Day, to mentoring a classroom full of students for five days, to bowling to raise money, our associates have been busy! Let’s take a look at three single-day events that show Nelnet’s associates mean business when giving back, which is one of our five Core Values.

If you had one day to inspire someone, what would you do? Forty Aurora and Highlands Ranch associates participated in JA in a Day, a unique JA program that helps volunteers reach children at an entire school in just one day. The volunteers taught 750 students in 30 classes! Associates helped educate and inspire youth and explained the connection between financial literacy, work readiness, entrepreneurship, education, and success. See the fun they had below!


The volunteers teach students a myriad of lessons that range from the following topics:

  •          Employee organization
  •          Public speaking
  •          Presentation skills
  •          Team work
  •          Communication skills
  •          Time management
  •          Interpersonal skills
  •          Leadership
  •          Facilitation skills

Outside of teaching children in school, the Aurora associates also participated in the JA Finance Park event. This was held outside school grounds in Colorado, and associates were asked to assist a group of six to twelve students in creating a monthly budget and making financial decisions. This hands-on experience allowed students to practice their budgeting skills. Six associates participated from Nelnet and had a great time flexing their financial skills! Associate Gigi de Gala waited to receive a group of students:

JA Finance Park 1

When associates aren’t in the schools teaching students, they’re out in the bowling alleys raising money for the program! In Lincoln, JA sponsors an annual bowl-a-thon, inviting partnering companies to bowl and raise money for the program. Nelnet had an outstanding 23 teams participate this year and raised more than $15,000! Two of Nelnet’s teams raised the highest totals of online pledges amongst all company teams participating, raising $2,835 and $2,956. Associates bowled the day away, knowing their fundraising would help JA in 2014 and beyond. Check out the fun below:


As you can see, Nelnet associates enjoy living out their Core Value of giving back each day. While the students gain new business and financial knowledge with the hands-on programs, they are not the only ones positively influenced by the experiences. Associates are able to see first-hand the impact their work has on the children. Nelnet’s associates enjoy giving back and they give back often—they also have fun while doing so!

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