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Latest from FSA: Social Media Presentation

April 4, 2014



Federal Student Aid offers great social media resources, but are you utilizing them in an effective way at your school?  FSA recently gave a presentation on leveraging their social media. They shared these helpful tips for educating and engaging students and parents:


Leveraging FSA’s Facebook Content

o   “Like” a specific post or piece of content on their Facebook page

o   Share their Facebook content

o   Copy and paste their content into your school’s Facebook posts

Leveraging FSA’s Twitter Content

o   Follow Federal Student Aid on Twitter

o   Retweet their tweets

o   Copy and paste their content into your school’s tweets

o   Add the @FAFSA Twitter stream to your website


Leveraging FSA’s YouTube Content

o   Subscribe to their YouTube Channel

o   Download their videos

    • Find the video you want to download
    • Right click on the video’s name, click the link that says “video”
      • The link in the left column is in English and the right is in Spanish

o   Embed videos into your website


Leveraging FSA’s Infographics

o   Add their infographics to your school’s website

      • Go to
      • Click “Published”
      • Click on the infographic you wish to embed
      • Click “Embed” in the left sidebar
      • Copy and paste the code to your school’s website


To view the full “Leveraging FSA Social Media” presentation, visit:


Megan Freese, Communications Intern

Megan Freese, Communications Intern

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