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You Spoke, We Listened: New Borrower Communication Timeline

April 16, 2014



Nelnet is dedicated to helping you with the challenges you face every day. We constantly strive to make sure you and your students succeed.

In order to establish relationships with our borrowers, we communicate with them regularly during every stage of their student loan life cycle (in school, in grace, in repayment, and, if necessary, in delinquency) to make sure they’re getting the most out of their student loan experience. Over the past few months, Nelnet has started sending several new communications to borrowers, including:

  • A quarterly email while borrowers are in school explaining the services offered them
  • An email every January while borrowers are in school reminding them to complete the FAFSA
  • An email after graduation or withdrawal reminding borrowers to update their .edu email address
  • New mailings while borrowers are in repayment that cover how to reach Nelnet, KwikPay, repayment plan options, and text alerts
  • And more!

To reflect these additions and other changes, we have updated our timeline of borrower communications. We hope this tool will help your school to coordinate with Nelnet’s communication efforts, and, in turn, help students successfully finance their education and repay their loans.

On the Borrower Services section of our website, we will soon have an updated version of our Borrower Communication Summary, which will go into more detail about the communications included on this timeline. We encourage you to keep both documents handy so that your school has all the information it needs to assist borrowers in their interactions with Nelnet.

As always, if you think of things we can do to make your day-to-day easier, please let us know. We can help!


Dawn Knight, National Manager, Nelnet Partner Solutions

Dawn Knight, National Manager, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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