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New Spanish Documents Available!

April 24, 2014



At Nelnet, customers are #1, so it is important to us that we provide tools and resources that fit the needs of you and your students. To accommodate those who are more comfortable communicating in Spanish, we have translated two of our popular borrower resources. We hope that these two new documents will assist Spanish-speaking students and their parents in successfully repaying student loans.

How to Create Your Account (Cómo crear su cuenta de is a step-by-step, graphical guide that walks borrowers through the process of creating an account at Once a borrower is set up with an account, he or she has the ability to check their balance, make a payment, explore repayment options, and more.

How to Make a Payment (Cómo realizar un pago en explains the payment process on and includes helpful graphics with every step.

Both the Spanish and English versions of these documents can be found  in our library of resources at Feel free to provide them to your borrowers who have loans serviced by Nelnet or make them available on your office’s website.



Nycci Parsons, Learning Engineer, Nelnet Partner Solutions

Nycci Parsons, Learning Engineer, Nelnet Partner Solutions


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