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5 Ways to Keep Financial Literacy Efforts Going All Year Long

April 25, 2014

Just because Financial Literacy Month is winding down, that doesn’t mean our mindset has to. Here are five ways to keep your financial literacy efforts in full-effect all year long.






  1. Include links on your website to outside financial literacy resources. These resources could include:






  1. Go the traditional route and take advantage of one-on-one time.
    • This is the opportune time to check in with your student and provide financial literacy resources






  1. Promote financial literacy on social media.
    • Utilize enticing profile pictures or cover photos on Facebook.
    • Provide incentives to those who interact on social media.
    • Change it up and address a topic specific to a certain audience, such as graduates, non-traditional students, minority students, student leadership and organizations, or certain majors.






  1. Cover the financial literacy basics in a creative way. These topics could include:
    • Living a healthy and balanced lifestyle
    • Setting financial goals
    • Budgeting
    • Saving and investing
    • Understanding credit and credit cards
    • Spending wisely (needs vs. wants)
    • Things you should know before you borrow
    • Student loan repayment
    • Tackling debt






  1. Print or email out our FREE financial literacy resources to your students, like:




April Hastings, Learning Engineer, Nelnet Partner Solutions

April Hastings, Learning Engineer, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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