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Fall Graduates’ Grace Period Ending

May 7, 2014

Repayment%20Statement_jpgNow that fall graduates are done with school and have been out for approximately six months, their grace periods are coming to an end. Their first student loan payments are right around the corner, and Nelnet wants to help these borrowers stay connected and be knowledgeable about their student loans as they enter their next phase – repayment.

Borrowers entering repayment will now begin to receive monthly statements three weeks before the due date via mail or email, based on their selected preference at To stay on top of their payments, borrowers can:

  • Log into and create their online account. They will be able to view their payment schedule, make a payment, update demographic information, and much more.
  • Sign up to receive text alerts, which will notify them when their payment is due and how much is owed.
  • Make automatic monthly payments with our KwikPay® service to ensure they’re paying on time.
  • Download the Loan Assist app (for iPhone and Android) to manage their account on the go.

If borrowers need to explore different repayment plans to lower their payments, Nelnet can help with that too. Fall graduates can use our calculators at to find out which plan is right for them. If they’d prefer to call and discuss their options, borrowers can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 888.486.4772.


Nycci Jones, Learning Engineer, Nelnet Partner Solutions

Nycci Jones, Learning Engineer, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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