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10 Ways to Enjoy Summer on a Budget

June 18, 2014
Photo credit: Jesus Solana, flickr

Photo credit: Jesus Solana, flickr

Summer is in full effect, but your students don’t need spend all of their hard-earned money to enjoy it. Share with your students these ten ways they can have some summer fun without depleting their savings accounts:

  1. Create a book club and read three books that will be coming out on film this summer. Then, plan a matinee group outing. This year’s summer releases include:
      • The Fault in Our Stars (now in theaters)
      • A Long Way Down (in theaters 7/11)
      • The Strain TV series on FX (premieres 7/13)
      • If I Stay (in theaters 8/22)
  1. Visit local museums, and don’t forget to ask if there is a student discount on admission.
  2. Enjoy some fun in the sun and try one of the following:
      • Picnic in the park
      • Take advantage of some pool time, and if there’s not one nearby, get your buddies together and plan a stay at a nearby hotel that treats you to free breakfast
      • Enjoy a walk or bike ride at a nearby lake
  1. Host a themed potluck and have each guest bring an item. Some themes may include:
      • Ice cream floats or sundaes
      • Fruit salads
      • Barbeque
      • Tea with tiny sandwiches and pastries
  1. Find a Meetup group in your area that interests you. There are a lot of free events and group activities to join. Sign up by going to
  2. Volunteer at your local YMCA or Boys and Girls Club and be a mentor for children.
  3. Check to see if your city hosts any outdoor summer events, such as concerts, movies, and festivals.
  4. Make it a game night. Ask friends or family to bring their favorite board games. You could end up with classics like Monopoly or a frenzied timed game like Taboo.
  5. Take these three summer months and challenge yourself to stick to fitness routine, whether it’s indoors or outdoors.
  6. Support your Minor League Baseball team. There are some great specials for students, military and families.


Looking for budgeting tools to share with your students? Check out our Strategies to Save Money, Budget Worksheet, and Financial Goals worksheet.


April Hastings, Learning Engineer, Nelnet Partner Solutions

April Hastings, Learning Engineer, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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