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Borrowers Helped Plant 266,905 Trees in 2014 through Nelnet’s Plant a Tree Project

September 1, 2014

Almost four billion trees are cut down each year for paper use. Even crazier- for every 100 pounds of trash, 35 pounds of it is paper.

With the hopes of combating this kind of waste, Nelnet launched the Plant a Tree Project with the Arbor Day Foundation back in 2012. Through this program, a seedling is planted in a designated forest for every person that switches from paper to e-statements. Since 2012, 507,433 borrowers have switched over to paperless statements in an effort to reduce the unnecessary waste of trees.


Trees provide more than just paper and natural beauty. They improve air quality, create oxygen, prevent erosion, and provide a habitat and food for wildlife. By encouraging the use of e-statements, Nelnet is doing more than just saving trees – we are enhancing the world for everyone.

Photo credit: Miguel Vieira, flickr

Photo credit: Miguel Vieira, flickr

Last year, we worked towards restoring Colorado’s Pike National Forest. One tree at a time, we brought it back to its natural health and beauty. Now we are working to do the same to California’s Modoc National Forest. Here is what Nelnet borrowers helped accomplish by electing to receive paperless statements:

  • 266,905 desperately needed ponderosa pine and Douglas fir trees were planted this year
  • Critical watersheds that have been severely burned in the last decade, leaving little to no seed source for future forests, are being restored
  • Habitat for critical species such as the northern goshawk, great gray owl, elk, and pileated woodpecker are being rehabilitated

For more information from the Arbor Day Foundation, click here.

A huge thank you to all those who planted a tree by choosing e-statements! Please continue to encourage your students to make the switch so we can continue to help restore landscapes and habitat, protect water resources, and make our earth greener and healthier for generations to come.


Nicole Mun, Account Service and Writing Intern, Nelnet

Nicole Mun, Account Service and Writing Intern, Nelnet

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