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Entrance Counseling Tips and Resources for Your School

September 2, 2014

entranceThe Fall semester is upon us, meaning it is also time for entrance counseling. Entrance counseling helps ensure that the borrower understands the terms and conditions of the loan, as well as his or her rights and responsibilities, before receiving the loan disbursement.  Here are some tips and resources you can use to make sure students are well-educated on the loans they are receiving:

  • Educate students before entrance counseling even begins; hang our popular 10 Things You Should Know About Student Loans infographic in your office! Various sizes are available in our library.
  • Although FSA provides a good online entrance counseling program, you could conduct counseling in-person to make it a more individualized experience. Use our checklist of Entrance/Exit Counseling requirements to ensure you’re hitting all the important points.
  • Introduce students to the importance of money management from the get-go. Our Live Life Smart Guide contains a wealth of information on how to manage their finances, including budgeting worksheets, student loan definitions, and much more. Feel free to print out the guide, add it to your school’s website, share on social media, or email it to your students.

Looking for more resources or further entrance counseling advice? Feel free to reach out to your Regional Director!


nycci and adp

Nycci Jones, Learning Engineer, Nelnet Partner Solutions | Anne Del Plato, Eastern Reginal Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

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