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Total and Permanent Disability: Your Questions Answered

December 3, 2014

Thoughts from sunny California…

I had a great time representing Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) at the CASFAA conference at the beginning of November. I was pleased with the turnout and the number of great questions being asked pertaining to the TPD process. There were two questions that stuck out that I wanted to share.

  1. What does a TPD approved borrower do if they want to go back to school after their monitoring period has ended? What’s the school’s responsibility?
    • The borrower needs to provide the school with signed physician’s certification that the borrower is able to engage in sustainable, gainful activity.
    • The borrower needs to sign a statement that the new FSA loan or TEACH grant service obligation can’t later be discharged for any present impairment unless that impairment deteriorates to the point where the borrower is again totally and permanently disabled.
    • You, the school, need to keep these documents in the borrower’s file and send a copy to Nelnet, the TPD servicer.

*Please note: this does not apply if the borrower was approved for a TPD discharge as a Veteran.

  1. How do I designate a representative to receive our school’s Loan Holder Notification (LHN) Files?
    • Log in to the NSLDS Professional Access website and click on the ORG tab at the top of the page.
    • Under Organization Contact List, click on the Add New Contact button.
    • Under Organization Contact Add, click on the dropdown menu for Available Functions and select Disability Processing.
    • Enter all data elements for the TPD LHN File contact (Hint: you can use a person or a email distribution list).
    • Click on the Submit button.

Thoughts from cold Nebraska…

Wear your coat, drink hot cocoa, and know where to turn for TPD help:


Amy Goheen
TPD Program Manager, TPD Servicing
Nelnet | Education Planning & Financing

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