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A NEW Way to Easily Access Borrower Resources

March 20, 2015



As a student loan servicer, we may not perform exactly the same duties as our school financial aid partners, but our focus is the same: make sure students and borrowers are able to attain an education and have the guidance they need to be financially successful. Nelnet is always creating and updating resources for borrowers, including infographics, worksheets, videos, websites, apps, and more. Now, we’ve created an easy way for you to be in-the-loop about all of Nelnet’s latest offerings.

The new borrower resources email will feature new resources, along with those PDFs, videos, and websites that will be most relevant to your borrowers at the time. The first borrower resources email was sent in March and featured some of Nelnet’s best materials for you to share during exit counseling, including our:

These resources, as well as many others, are also available in our library on

We look forward to making it easier for you to access and share the best tools for your students. Keep an eye out for the next borrower resources email!

Kristin Tobias, Communications Coordinator, Nelnet

Kristin Tobias, Communications Coordinator, Nelnet


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