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10 Social Media Tips for Your Financial Aid Office

April 24, 2015

Social media continues to be a preferred communication method for young college students. Here are ten ways you can effectively reach students through these platforms.

  1. Be mobile-friendly. 50% of Americans ages 18-29 primarily access the internet from their phone.graph
  2. Have a strategy. Identify your purpose for posting, decide which channels will be most effective, develop a schedule, and plan other important aspects of your office’s social media use so you are using your time wisely.
  3. Share others’ content. Don’t be afraid to share posts from others you think your students will find interesting or useful.
  4. tweetCollaborate with other accounts at your institution. Are there other accounts at your school that have a larger student following? Ask them to periodically share your content.
  5. Make it visual. Videos and pictures are more likely to grab the audience’s attention.
  6. Participate in conversations. You don’t always have to start the conversation – don’t be afraid to re-post or reply to students and peers.
  7. Be timely and relevant. Are there holidays or major events coming up? Play into what is on the mind of your audience. They’ll have more of an interest in what you’re saying.
  8. Use FSA’s Financial Aid ToolkitFSA has outlined social media strategies and developed content for your office to use.
  9. Keep it short. Shorter posts are easier for your audience to digest and share.
  10. Diversify efforts. Facebook is losing popularity among teens and young adults. Consider trying other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, or even Snapchat.

Learn more and start developing your social media strategy by watching our recently recorded webinar, Tap into Technology.


Kristin Tobias, Communications Coordinator, Nelnet

Kristin Tobias, Communications Coordinator, Nelnet

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