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Educating Today’s Children for Tomorrow’s Success

May 21, 2015

Education is the backbone of everything we do – both inside and outside of the company. Whether we are in a classroom, with TeamMates on a playground, or providing academic scholarships, Nelnet aims to build a more educated and fiscally responsible world.

Programs such as TeamMates and Junior Achievement enhance the well-being and knowledge of both associates and students. “I know I’ve made a difference when I see my mentee waiting in the office for me to get there,” says Manager Chad Stutzman. “He’s genuinely excited to see me, and that keeps me going every week.”


Photo credit: Junior Achievement

As the Junior Achievement website explains, we all benefit when children grow up to be capable, educated citizens, active community members, responsible employees, and future leaders. By spending just one hour a week in a school, our associates provide career education, guidance, and all-around encouragement to today’s youth. Stutzman has seen first-hand the impact a mentor can have on a child. “One of my mentees went from failing all of his classes to passing 75% of them. I don’t believe that would have happened without a positive influence in his life,” he says.

In January, TeamMates mentor and Nelnet associate Deb Campos was honored as a member of the 24 or More Club of 2013-2014 for meeting with her mentee for three years or more and having made a tremendous impact on her life. “My mentor is a good listener and is very talented,” wrote Campos’ mentee, Jana. “She taught me it’s okay to make mistakes and that I should never give up.”

Beyond educating students in the classroom, we also support higher education goals with up to 24 scholarships per year, including the Nelnet Honors Scholarship of up to $20,000 and the Nelnet Cares Scholarship worth $1,500.

Because strong children are a result of strong communities, Nelnet associates also provide monetary donations to organizations such as United Way. The Nelnet Foundation contributes a one-to-one match on associate donations to non-profit organizations, and three-to-one when associates donate to schools. Just last year, our company raised over $560,000 for United Way to help promote school readiness, youth success, and adult self-sufficiency, and the Foundation supplied $277,000 in matched donations to 102 organizations.

By encouraging associates at all levels to invest in the community with volunteer time and their hard-earned dollars, we help those around us succeed – both now and in the future.


Chrissy Rydl, Associate Corporate Communications Writer, Nelnet

Chrissy Rydl, Associate Corporate Communications Writer, Nelnet

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