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June 8, 2015

The grass is turning green, and the trees and flowers are finally blooming after the freezing winter weather here in Nebraska. With everything fresh and new, I have been thinking about borrowers and school representatives who may be facing a different new experience – the Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) process.  For anyone who has little or no experience with this process, it can seem daunting. Between the lingo of TPD and the paperwork required, there is a lot of unfamiliar territory. But like the newness that comes with the spring, the new tasks ahead are not things to be apprehensive about. I have put together a list of helpful pieces of information that cover a variety of questions that can come up for someone new to the TPD process. Just as the newness of spring brings the summer, the process of TPD brings relief to borrowers who really need assistance during a tough situation.

Loan Holder Notification File (LHN) and TPD Discharge Assignment Procedure Resources

There are specific documents and information needed by the TPD servicer in order to fulfill their responsibilities of discharging loans for the borrower and assisting loan holders and schools. The IFAP website has information regarding what to provide and how to assign loans to the TPD servicer, as well as other helpful information.

Here are two great resources for more information about LHNs:

LHN file overview

LHN file layout

This document covers the Perkins TPD Discharge Assignment Procedures:

TPD discharge assignment procedures

More information can be found at You can also send your TPD questions to us at


Christa McGuire, TPD Specialist

Christa McGuire, TPD Specialist



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