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Flags Offer New Way for Schools to Track NSLDS Reaffirmation

August 21, 2015

In late 2014, Nelnet began tracking reaffirmation receipts from our borrowers. As we have done in the past, when we receive a signed reaffirmation letter from one of our borrowers, we send a confirmation letter to the borrower. With our students’ hectic lifestyles, these letters do not always make their way to our school partners who need them for their files. With NSLDS updates, schools have a new way to track whom has sent a signed reaffirmation letter and when Nelnet received it.

In March, after new programming went live on NSLDS, Nelnet began uploading receipts dating back to late 2014 so they flag on the student’s NSLDS account. School partners can now see all the reaffirmation data right on NSLDS. The flag and information will only show on NSLDS if Nelnet has received a signed letter from the student.

NSLDS will be flagged in two different places to indicate the reaffirmation.

First on the top of the page in the regular flag field.


Second on the individual loan.


If you click on the flag on the individual loan it will give you details on the overage amount and what kind of overage was found when Nelnet researched the account.


In this case, the student had an undergrad sub overage of $1,800. The reaffirmation date will be the date Nelnet processed the letter.

Depending on the amount and types of overages, there may be multiple loans showing the reaffirmation flag.

As always, if you have any questions on the reporting process or on an individual report/flag you can call the Nelnet School Service Center for assistance.

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