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Three Great Resources for Students in the Updated Live Life Smart Guide

September 21, 2015

What’s the difference between delinquency and default? Sure, the answer is easy for you, but what about for your students? With questions like that in mind, we present our updated Live Life Smart Guide. This comprehensive guide includes a variety of worksheets, infographics, and glossaries designed to help students increase their financial literacy. Here we present just three of the outstanding resources you can find in the guide.

The Life of a Student Loan infographic


What’s a loan servicer? Is “FAFSA” a typo? Our Life of a Student Loan infographic presents the ins and outs of student loans in easy-to-understand descriptions and visuals. The first step toward responsible borrowing is understanding the process, and this infographic helps make that easier than ever.


Budget worksheet

Budgeting seems tough, but our budgeting worksheet makes it easy. With common spending categories and columns that make it simple to track budgeted expenses against actuals, any student can have a reliable budget calculated in no time.

Student Loan Terms to Know


Delinquency and default? They are defined here, along with over 100 other common student loan terms. Keep your students informed of all student loan terminology with this simple glossary.

Blending all of our printable literature into one PDF and adding a few new items, the Live Life Smart Guide is bursting at the seams with content. It’s simple. It’s chock full of information to help your students be smart borrowers. And it’s free. Check out the updated Live Life Smart Guide in our library today!

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