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Helping You Help Your Students

September 22, 2015

The student loan industry has been garnering a lot of press recently, and it isn’t always positive. Between collective student loan debt reaching an all-time high, and some of the bigger players in the student loan game facing legal troubles, it’s understandable that schools and students might feel some worry about the state of their loan servicers.

In spite of the negativity, we’re still excited about the services that we offer schools and students when it comes to student loan management and preparing students for successful repayment. We want to make sure that you’re taking advantage of all the tools and resources we have available to help you and your students succeed.

Borrower Communications:

Did you know that we offer a comprehensive timeline of all the communications that we send to borrowers? We even offer samples so that you’ll know exactly what your students will receive at different stages of their loan’s life cycle.

Nsight Plus:

Instantly and easily access information about any loans serviced by Nelnet. With Nsight, you can help your students understand their student loans and avoid default.

Financial Literacy:

Learning good financial habits early is important, and we can help. Our Money Monday webinars offer insights in managing personal finance as well as creating and sticking to a budget.

Default Prevention:

Default is serious, and many students don’t realize the long-term consequences it can have on their lives. One of the best ways to avoid default is through early education about repayment. We have tools to help you guide your students to successful repayment.

Online Tools and Resources:

We don’t just service student loans; we help students learn to manage their finances in school and beyond. Our library offers a variety of PDFs, webinars, videos, and more to help educate your students and give you tools that will make it easier to help your students on their educational journey. We even help students start to understand and learn about building good credit.

Dedicated School Representatives:

Our dedicated team of Regional Directors and our School Service Center team associates work together to provide you with proactive, professional, and personalized attention. Our full-circle support team includes all levels of borrower resources and loan servicing solutions.

We hope this helps you better understand all we have to offer, or maybe helped you learn a little something about us that you didn’t know before. Our team looks forward to continuing our great partnerships with you and your students. If you want to learn a little more about what we’re up to at Nelnet, watch this video about who we are and where we’re going.

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