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Two New Account Features Available to Nelnet Borrowers

September 22, 2015

Online account management is now easier than ever for Nelnet-serviced borrowers, thanks to a pair of new features: Document Upload and HTML Form Wizard. As of September 17, both features are available to borrowers with online accounts through Nelnet.

Document Upload

Document Upload allows borrowers to upload documents via the online account. Borrowers can easily upload any documents relating to their applications with the click of a button.


HTML Form Wizard

Borrowers can now complete some of the Department of Education’s forms through their account using HTML Form Wizard. This option will make it easier than ever for borrowers to complete a variety of forms relating to loan repayment.

While we are excited about making these new online forms easily accessible to borrowers, we still encourage all borrowers to use the Postpone Your Payments menu via their online account when they are considering deferment or forbearance options. This menu will help guide borrowers to the option(s) that best fits the borrower’s needs.

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