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Nelnet Partner Solutions Helps Schools and Borrowers Succeed

October 5, 2015

The Nelnet Partner Solutions team is responsible for fostering, maintaining, and strengthening relationships with schools. Regional Directors Lou Murray and Dawn Knight work to be Nelnet’s ear to the schools and the schools’ voice to Nelnet – and vice versa! Nelnet Partner Solutions listens closely to the “Pulse of the Nation” – what schools are struggling with and what borrowers are telling schools, what’s working and what’s not. We relay school concerns to Nelnet’s leadership and often share the same information with our partners within Federal Student Aid (FSA). We are an advocate for schools, as well as industry experts who channel information and solutions focused on student loan program servicing.

We are passionate about listening to our school partners and their borrowers. Our day-to-day school interactions – whether it is on campus, at a conference, on the phone, or via email – highlight our commitment to be proactive, professional and helpful. Our full-circle support includes loan servicing with a focus on borrower services, avenues for training, default prevention, financial literacy and communications.

Loan Servicing

We are a designated resource for schools to resolve any issues (e.g., high-escalation cases) that may arise with Nelnet-serviced direct loans. Nelnet Partner Solutions is committed to helping schools face any and all servicing-related challenges, with additional support provided through our School Servicing Center (SSC). The SSC team assists with incoming inquiries and issues, and is equipped to quickly handle the day-to-day questions of our school partners. Our teams regularly request feedback from schools on ways we can improve Nsight Plus,,, and SSC customer service.

Borrower Services

Nelnet Partner Solutions routinely researches and creates online resources, newsletters, social media posts, and blog articles covering a wide array of relevant topics for borrowers. Our focus is to educate student borrowers on who we are as their servicer, and how we can help them throughout their student loan lifecycle. Topics coincide with the academic calendar year, and are created based on input received from the school community. PDFs, videos, and recorded webinars can be found online 24/7 in our library of resources.


We will continue to provide training opportunities for financial aid administrators to keep up with the ever-changing industry. See our Training page for more information on upcoming training opportunities.

Default Prevention

Nelnet Partner Solutions understands the importance of effective default prevention for both schools and borrowers. We assist schools with developing and maintaining their default prevention strategies, as well as provide information on how to lower their cohort default rate (CDR). Our Default Prevention page provides schools with a step-by-step guide for creating a default prevention plan, tips and scripts for reaching out to delinquent borrowers, school success stories, and more.

Financial Literacy

Nelnet Partner Solutions is committed to providing the resources schools need to help students develop healthy financial habits during and after college. Our Financial Literacy series for students, Money Mondays, covers basic topics such as budgeting, credit, loans, and more. In addition, we offer printed resources – from repayment charts to budgeting worksheets – to make sure the information schools and students need is available when they need it.


To ensure our messaging is as effective as possible, Nelnet constantly updates student materials to make sure we are clearly communicating and delivering our messages.

We look forward to continuing our strong service commitment to student borrowers, schools and FSA.

Contact one of us or the School Service Center (866.463.5638 OR any time with questions or for assistance.

Lou Murray, Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

Lou Murray Regional Director 713.775.3022

Dawn Knight, Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

Dawn Knight Regional Director 303.953.0952

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