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You Spoke, We Listened: New Report Functions in Nsight Plus

December 1, 2015

We have recently added new functionality in Nsight Plus that will help the administration of scheduled reports.

In Nsight Plus, you will now see icons in the scheduled reports section.1


Read on for details on the functionality of these new tools.
4 Delete Report = Click this to delete the scheduled report.


3 Clone Report = Click this to make a copy of a report.


This new functionality will save Nsight Plus users from having to re-enter information when running similar reports. Users no longer have to start from scratch when running a report. After a user clones a report, they can simply adjust any details they would like to change, and the rest stays the same.

For example:

  • School has access to 20 school codes
  • 1 report has 10 codes and is set to pull for the 2013 CDR year forward for only delinquent borrowers.

If the school wanted to adjust this report to pull from the 2014 CDR year forward, they would:

  • Click clone
  • Adjust the enter repay start date to the 2014 CDR year start then hit submit

The user would not have to pick any school codes or any additional items they had adjust previously.

2 Retry Report =  Click this to rerun and redeliver a report without impacting your current schedule. (This will only show up if your report fails.)

Along with these changes, we have also made a small adjustment to the Inbox. Now, when you open a report from the Inbox, the date/time pulled will no longer adjust to the date/time you last opened the report.

We hope these modifications will help make your experience with Nsight Plus even better.

Please remember, if you have any ideas on how our products or services can better serve you in the future, your Regional Directors are always here to listen. Give us a shout.

Contact one of us or the School Service Center (866.463.5638 OR any time with questions or for assistance.


Lou Murray, Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

Lou Murray Regional Director 713.775.3022

Dawn Knight, Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

Dawn Knight Regional Director 303.953.0952

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