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Reminder: “N!!” is for Encrypted

January 28, 2016


No, we’re not emphasizing the letter of the day.

Nor are we three letters away from solving a “Before and After” puzzle on Wheel of Fortune.

We are simply providing a quick reminder that if you see an email from Nelnet with a subject line beginning “N!!,” it is safe to open.


When you see “N!!” at the start of a subject line, it indicates that the message has gone through our automated encryption process.

We encrypt these emails to protect confidential information contained within. Any attachments contained within these messages are safe to open.

If you ever have any questions about communications you receive, we encourage you to contact your Regional Director or the School Service Center (866.463.5638 or

Lou Murray, Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

Lou Murray Regional Director 713.775.3022

Dawn Knight, Regional Director, Nelnet Partner Solutions

Dawn Knight Regional Director 303.953.0952


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