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Your Two-Minute Guide to Calling the Nelnet School Service Center

February 16, 2016

When a student reaches out to you with questions about a Nelnet-serviced loan, who should you call?IMG_1155a


Nope. Fictional and underqualified.

Nelnet’s School Service Center is always ready to provide the answers you seek.

Our School Service Center (SSC) is designed to quickly handle the day-to-day questions of our school partners. When contacting the SSC, schools receive:

  • Immediate answers to questions regarding Nelnet-serviced loans, Nsight Plus, NSLDS, and more
  • Exceptional service from highly trained, knowledgeable representatives
  • Expedited assistance if a student borrower is on the line

You can reach the SSC at 866.4NELNET (866.463.5638). The SSC operates Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (CT).

Here’s a quick look at the simple options you may select when you call the SSC:


If you are calling with a student borrower with a resolution in mind.

  • Use this option when you have already counseled a student and they know what they would like to do. This will initiate a conference call with a knowledgeable Nelnet representative.


If you are calling with a student borrower and would like full counseling.

  • Use this option when you would like to start a conference call with a Nelnet representative who covers all potential options for the student.


If you are a school, or school’s representative party.

  • Use this option if you are a school, third party, or GA who needs assistance and you are calling on your own.


If you are a student.

  • Students may use this option if they have mistakenly called the SSC rather than student borrower services. Outside entities may also select this option if they are assisting a student in calling Nelnet’s student borrower services.


If you are calling about the Nsight reporting tool.

  • Use this option if you are a school, third party, or GA who needs help with the Nsight Plus reporting tool.

We look forward to continuing to provide you and your students with excellent customer service through the SSC!

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