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3 Ways Your Students Can Benefit from the Updated Live Life Smart Guide

April 21, 2016

Do your students have clear financial goals?

Are they aware of all of their repayment options?

Do they know the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized loans?

Whether you answered “yes,” “no,” or “am I a mind reader?” to these questions, there’s a good chance that your students can benefit from our updated Live Life Smart Guide. This comprehensive guide includes a variety of worksheets, infographics, and glossaries designed to help students increase their financial literacy. Here are just three of the outstanding ways your students can benefit the guide.

Setting financial goals

The title of our Set Your Financial Goals worksheet may not leave fgoalsmuch to the imagination, but it works. With areas to outline goals, costs, timelines, and more, students can use this worksheet to develop a realistic path to achieving their financial goals. Students will even identify risks that could keep them from reaching their goals, ensuring that they consider insurance and contingencies.

Understanding repayment plansidr

REPAYE is still in its infancy, and -to some – may look like an aggressive typo. How does it compare to other Income-Drive Repayment options? Our worksheet – Income-Driven Repayment Plans: Is One Right For You? – lays out all options, including qualification criteria, key factors, and questions to consider for each plan. With sample payment amounts also available, your students will soon know which options they should – or should not – consider.

Learning the lingogloss

Financial aid terminology can seem like its own language. Your students will soon be expert translators, though, thanks to our Student Loan Terms to Know glossary.With definitions to over 100 common student loan terms, this guide will help your students trek toward fluency in “Studentloanish.”

Once again, our Live Life Smart Guide is bursting at the virtual seams with content. It’s simple. It’s full of information to help your students be smart borrowers. And it’s free. Check out the updated Live Life Smart Guide in our library today!


Derek Larson,  Nelnet

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