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With Clients in Mind, Nelnet School Services Transitions to New Model

April 27, 2016

As you wind down the academic year, you are likely thinking of ways you can serve your students even better in the coming school year. We are doing the same thing at Nelnet – reviewing our strategies and improving our practices so we can be an even better resource for you – our school partners.

Two of Nelnet’s core goals are exceptional customer service and positive borrower outcomes. We are constantly evaluating and asking, “How can we do better?” to achieve those goals. To make it even easier for schools to do business with Nelnet, we are evolving our structure to support a more coordinated and strategic team approach. We are moving to a single point of contact for schools, backed by the expert team you’ve come to trust at Nelnet. This evolution will result in maximized efficiency, consistency, and continued customer-friendly service.

As part of this transition, Dawn Knight will move to the newly created role of School Ombudsman. As School Ombudsman, Dawn will be the school escalation point of contact and one of the key managers for Nelnet’s relationships within the higher education school community. Dawn will identify and recognize the needs of schools, conduct regular communications, and work with the rest of the Nelnet team to provide creative solutions for your concerns and issues. School Services will continue to work hard to provide exceptional customer service and increase school satisfaction with Nelnet Loan Servicing.


Dawn Knight, School Ombudsman, Nelnet School Services

Dawn will direct all activity associated with the strategic support of Nelnet’s loan servicing relationships with schools across the United States. As Nelnet’s global advocate for schools, Dawn will continue to help financial aid offices maximize Nelnet loan servicing resources to ensure that student borrowers establish healthy repayment schedules.

As part of this change, you can now connect with Dawn at a new email address: Rest assured, while her email address may be different, the outstanding service that you receive on a day-to-day basis will not change.

We are excited about this change, and we feel that it will help us provide an even more coordinated team approach to our service.

Thank you for your time, and for being a valued Nelnet partner.

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