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3 FAFSA Resources for Your Students

September 22, 2016

092216October is near, and with it comes the new FAFSA submission date. Students may begin submitting FAFSAs for 2017-18 as early as October 1, 2016. But will they be ready? Today we offer three resources to help your students prepare to submit their FAFSAs.

For students unsure of what documents they will need or clueless when it comes to dependency status, FSA has them covered. Through their website, they offer a load of good tips for filling out the FAFSA. Their intuitive online library is easy to search and can help ease many of the frustrations than can accompany “FAFSA time.”

Students can sneak a peek of their estimated federal student aid through FAFSA4caster. This free calculator is recommended for any student who is not ready to file a FAFSA – from adults down to middle school students. FAFSA4caster uses the student’s answers to a variety of financial and other questions to estimate federal student aid eligibility.

What happens once a student submits his or her FAFSA? We offer answers through our infographic “The Life of a Student Loan.” Available through our library, the infographic illustrates the student loan process, from planning for college to post-college and beyond.

The changes to the FAFSA process allow students to submit their FAFSAs earlier than ever before. We’re excited about this change, and we’re always ready to help. If you have any questions about the new process – or anything else for that matter – please reach out to us.

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