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Five Great Resources for Prospective and Current College Students

November 11, 2016


When a student who needs financial assistance for college does a Google search for “financial aid,” they encounter about 30.8 million search results. If that student decided to devote one minute of his or her time to reviewing each result, they would finish in a breezy 58 ½ years.


While the Information Age has made it easier than ever to dig up details on any subject imaginable, it has also made it easier than ever to be so intimidated by the masses of resources available that you hide behind your couch for days at a time.

Federal Student Aid (FSA) is always the best place to start when it comes to financial aid resources. However, to help sort through the troves of information available, we identified five resources that we think are great for prospective and current college students.


High school students considering college can receive a lot of financial assistance through scholarships. Unfortunately, many students think less-than-extraordinary academic records disqualify them from any scholarship consideration. Not so, says The “C” Students Guide to Scholarships. This book offers tips, secrets, and techniques for applying for hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants. The guide’s step-by-step direction is designed to help “’C students” turn hidden talents and unique strengths into cash for college.

More details on The “C” Students Guide to Scholarships.

Financial Aid

When high school and college students need financial assistance, many turn to Federal Student Aid (FSA). While completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) provides an excellent opportunity for students everywhere to earn financial assistance, many find the application daunting. Many communities have local nonprofits that have worked to simplify the process by putting together a FAFSA Checklist. A quick search should turn up local resources in your area. This easy-to-follow document contains details on all of the information the FAFSA requires, as well as where to find it.

Review and print the FAFSA Checklist.

Avoiding Scams

As students search for money to support their education, they will encounter a lot of information. Unfortunately, some of these “opportunities” are designed to pull money from students’ pockets. FSA offers a library of tips and resources designed to help students and parents spot swindlers and keep their money – as well as their identities – safe.

Check out FSA’s resources for avoiding scams.

Online Research

There was a time when college papers required research that bordered on physical labor. Students scoured card catalogs, seemingly endless reference numbers were scribbled, racks of books were hiked through, and then… the book was not on its shelf. With hordes of information at their fingertips, students now have to ensure that they properly organize, vet, and cite online sources. makes this process easy with an extensive Guide to Online Research. This resource covers everything from properly evaluating academic sources to accessing scholarly databases and citing academic sources.

Review’s Guide to Online Research.

Resume Guidelines

As graduation nears and students begin focusing on life beyond their undergraduate degrees, resumes earn more scrutiny than most acts of Congress. How long should they be? What should they emphasize? Is the font okay? Resume Guidelines and Standards from ResumeEdge, a Nelnet company, offers advice on these questions and more. With dos and don’ts for every resume, this printable guide helps students build a resume that emphasizes their strengths to every potential employer.

Please feel free to share all of these resources with your current and/or prospective students. And remember, while hiding behind your couch may seem like a great way to avoid your search engine’s spewings, closing a browser window works pretty well, too.

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