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Credit Card Tips for Your Students

July 21, 2017


Getting a credit card can be one of the first acts of adulthood. Unfortunately,  a student’s excitement of getting his or her first credit card can overshadow the huge responsibility of having it. Credit cards are useful tools when used appropriately and with the right intentions; however, when they are used carelessly or irresponsibly, credit cards can turn into nightmares. To help students manage the responsibility, the Nelnet Library offers a helpful list of credit card tips that shed light on how to responsibly use a credit card, keep credit scores high, keep interest rates low, and stay out of debt.

Some of these tips include shopping around for a credit card to find the lowest interest rates, assessing the company’s grace period and late fees, and reading the fine print. This printer-friendly PDF also reminds students to pay off the balance of the card at the end of each month to teach themselves discipline while avoiding interest charges.

Having a credit card is a huge responsibility, but through responsible use students can establish credit and raise their credit scores

Check out the Nelnet Library for this and other great financial literacy resources.

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