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Four Easy Ways to Avoid Delinquency and Default on Student Loans

August 1, 2017


Student loans offer students the opportunity to receive an education, even when they may not be able to pay for it right away. However, there is a tremendous amount of responsibility that comes with taking out a student loan. It can be hard to make payments on time when a student is trying to find a job or meets financial hardships. To help student borrowers avoid default and delinquency, the Nelnet Library offers a tip sheet with four helpful and easy ways to consult with Nelnet about options to get better control of his or her student loans.

Student borrowers who need help can connect with us through our website, email, phone, and web chat. All of these options will connect students to associates who will assist them in finding the best options when avoiding default and delinquency. This printer-friendly PDF also reminds students to take control of their student loans and contact Nelnet for help when needed.

Having a student loan can be stressful, especially when it is difficult to make payments. Remember that Nelnet is here to help students have great student loan experiences.

Check out the Nelnet Library for this and other great default prevention resources.

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