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10 Things Your Students Should Know About Student Loans

August 7, 2017

Student loans can be stressful. With application deadlines, unfamiliar terminology, and an assortment of repayment plans, student borrowers may break into a light sweat when it’s time to discuss financial aid. To help student borrowers better understand their loans, the Nelnet Library offers a tip sheet with Ten Things a Student Borrower Should Know about his or her loans.

This list explains how student borrowers can avoid further student loan debt by having a plan, making a budget, understanding their loans, and knowing their repayment options. This printer-friendly PDF also explains how repayment is easier when the overall debt of a borrower is lower.

By gaining a better understanding of their loans, student borrowers will be able to avoid the stress that student loans can bring. No sweat.

Please feel free to share this guide with your students and check out the Nelnet Library for this and other great loan repayment resources.

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