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Latest from FSA: NSLDS Updates and Reminders

October 5, 2017


FSA recently announced an array of updates to the National Student Loan Data Service (NSLDS) enrollment reporting process and offered a few reminders, as well.

Changes to NSLDS include a new report that provides information about the students that NSLDS uses to calculate the Enrollment Reporting Statistics, and no longer adding students to schools’ Enrollment Reporting rosters based on information from the Transfer Student Monitoring (TSM) and Financial Aid History (FAH) processes.

The announcement also includes a series of reminders about the Enrollment Reporting process, including:

  • At a minimum, schools are required to certify enrollment for all students who are included on their roster file within 15 days of the date that NSLDS sends a roster file to the school or its third-party servicer.
  • Schools have the flexibility to set the schedule for the generation of their roster file. However, at a minimum, NSLDS will require that a roster be generated at least every other month.
  • Schools or their servicers must report back to NSLDS on all of the students who are included in the roster file, even if that student never enrolled at the school, or is no longer enrolled at the school.
  • The data on the roster is what NSLDS has as the most recently certified enrollment information.
  • Report an appropriate status for all programs on your roster.
  • NSLDS will remove the campus- or program-level enrollment for students after it has successfully processed the same campus- or program-level data with a “terminal” enrollment status twice (consecutively) with the same effective date.
  • NSLDS calculates and publishes Enrollment Reporting Statistics on the third Wednesday of each month.

For more details on the NSLDS enhancements and links to Enrollment Reporting resources, check out FSA’s announcement.

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