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Three Ways Your Students Will Benefit from Our Updated Live Life Smart Guide

August 16, 2018

Do your students know the role of a loan servicer?

Are they aware of the importance of checking their credit reports?

Can they tell you the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized loans?

Whether you answered “yes,” or “no,” to these questions, there’s a good chance that your students can benefit from our updated Live Life Smart Guide. This comprehensive guide includes a variety of worksheets, infographics, and glossaries designed to help students increase their financial literacy. Here are just three of the outstanding ways your students can benefit the guide.

Understanding the life of a student loan

A student submits a FAFSA, but what happens next? Our informative infographic walks students through the stages in the life of a student loan, from planning for school through repayment.

Avoiding Identity Theft

Identity theft is real and it can have long-lasting effects. The threat is terrifying, but there are precautions that students can take to minimize their risk. Our guide to avoiding identity theft not only provides hints to avoid identity theft, but offers steps to follow should they fall victim.

Learning the lingo

Financial aid terminology can seem like its own language. Your students will soon be expert translators, though, thanks to our Student Loan Terms to Know. The glossary contains definitions to over 100 common student loan terms, helping your students become fluent in “Studentloanish.”

Once again, our Live Life Smart Guide is bursting at the virtual seams with content. It’s simple. It’s full of information to help your students be smart borrowers. And it’s free. Check out the updated Live Life Smart Guide in our library today!

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