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Latest from FSA: Upcoming Enhancements to the FSA ID

March 22, 2019

FSA recently announced that they will implement a variety of improvements to the FSA ID experience on March 31, 2019. In the announcement, FSA notes, “These enhancements are part of our continuous improvement of Federal Student Aid (FSA) systems and are an important step toward realizing our vision for the Next Generation (Next Gen) Financial Services Environment.”

One major enhancement announced is the ability to log in with a verified mobile phone number. With the prevalence of users who manage their accounts via smartphones, this ability will provide more flexibility for students, parents, and borrowers.

Other enhancements to the FSA ID experience include:

  • Warning users who enter an email address domain type of .edu, .k12, .pvt, .tec, or .cc that they should include an email address to which they will not lose access (after graduation, etc.).
  • Removing the 18-month password update requirement. A password change will be required only after a security event.
  • Removing the requirement for special characters in an FSA ID password.
  • Warning users when their account is about to be locked. The warning will indicate how many log-in attempts remain.

For more details on these upcoming enhancements, check out FSA’s announcement.

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