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Supplement Your Exit Counseling with our Live Life Smart Guide

December 10, 2019

As students prepare to leave school and enter grace/repayment, they have questions. Lots of questions. Nelnet’s Live Life Smart Guide is the perfect resource to use as a part of your exit counseling efforts and help answer some of those questions.

Specific to exit counseling, the Live Life Smart Guide contains an Exit Counseling Checklist. This resource lists the topics that should be covered during Exit Counseling sessions to help exiting students understand repayment plans, rules around deferment and forbearance, and more.

The Live Life Smart Guide also includes a servicer contact information sheet, which lists out phone numbers, websites, payment remittance addresses, and general correspondence addresses for all four Title IV Additional Servicers (TIVAS).

The Live Life Smart Guide is available in the Nelnet Library, along with a variety of other helpful resources. Check it out today.

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